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Hi Everyone,

I heard my daddy talking to a client on the phone while I was under his desk talking about umbrella insurance.  I said, "Umbrellas are what mom puts over me when it rains to keep me dry."  He said, "No Lucy, it's just a new term to protect you."  He said, "Umbrella insurance is a way to layer your asset protection."  I know you don't bite, but some of your friends do bite and it is a way for their parents to protect their precious canine assest.

Umbrella insurance is a broader coverage if you are sued and need peace of mind to ensure that you are protected.  Umbrella insurance is excess liability insurance, when your assets are risk and need protection.  If you own property or have assests you want to perserve you really need to think about purchasing umbrella insurance.


1  Significant property damage.  Your standard auto insurance liability limit may be exhausted if you are at fault in an auto accident where you destroy another vehicle and/or other property.

2.  Serious bodily injury liability.  Your homeowners insurance liability limit may be insufficient to cover medical and other costs related to a guest flling off a balcony at your home, or being bitten by your dog (see Lucy this is why umbrella insurance is important for your friend's families).

3.  Landlord Liability.  A tenant might file an expensive suit over an injury sustained while renting your property.

4.  Libel or slander.  Lawsuits could result from something that you say or write about another person.assets.

5.  Malicious prosecution.  You may file In a suit against someone in turn be sued for wrongfully, or maliciously, prosecuting that individual.

In each of the instances above, you may have some amount of liability insurance through your home or auto policy, but umbrella insurance provides another layer of protection once your standard liability coverge reaches its limit.

I'm sure glad that my mom and dad have umbrella insurance so their precious assets(my brother Charley and me) are fully covered.