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Lucy's Spa Day


Hi everyone, it’s me Lucy again reporting from:  Under The Desk

Whew, it has been a busy week with all the on-going insurance stuff. There were phone calls, emails, writing of all sorts of policies (including a business one) and of course (my mom’s favorite) payroll.  The highlight of my week is when Aunt Pam stopped by to see Dad. 

Did I mention that I love Pam…in fact I work at getting all of her attention by kissing her, hugging her and sitting by her.  She can hardly get a thing done when I’m around.  Anyway, my mom put a stop to that… and sent me back “under the desk”.  It seems that Pam and Dad had to work on marketing strategies and participate in a conference call.   

BTW, I have a secret to share with you.  It is something I heard Pam and Dad discussing.   Shhhh-  only you can know.  Here it is:  MTC Insurance Agency Group is going to have a booth at the Pierce County Human Society “Paws in the Park” scheduled for July 28th at Fort Steilacoom Dog Park.  SO excited because I AM GOING!!!

So as you can see it was a busy week and I could hardly get a nap in.  By Friday I was all pooped out.  I needed a revitalization and doggy pampering.  My mom suggested that I have a spa day.  “Wow… A SPA DAY that sounds fantastic”!   So off my brother Charley and I went Saturday to see Mindi at Good Citizen Dog Grooming.   Hey, did I mention that I love Mindi?  Well, I love her too.  

Let me tell you, Mindi is so kind and loves all animals.  It is relaxing there and not a lot of noise, commotion or barking.  She works on one dog at a time so you get her full attention. She bathed me, combed me and fluffed my ears.  I felt so good and thought that it was over…until she tied bows on, painted my nails with sparkles and spritzed me with French Perfume.  I was a Queen for a Day and I have the pictures to prove it. 

Take a look.  Yep, that’s me all beautified and looking good.

A day at the spa makes a girl tired, so gotta go take a nap.  Best to all of my friends and until next time take care.  Love Lucy


 Me all wet after Spa bath                                                     


 Enjoying a Pedicure

 Just Gorgeous