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Lucy and Friendship

Hi Friends,

I have not been blogging over the summer because my mom has not been feeling well and she was unable to type my dictation.  I also had an illness over the summer, but don’t despair “All is well now!”

Let me just say how wonderful it was that I have pet insurance.  The over $2000.00 vet bill was paid back at 90% by my insurance.  That is so wonderful and I advise that all pet owners get their pet insured.  If you want to hear more about the benefit you can contact Pam Thiemann…she is very knowledgeable in the subject.

So after a long summer of recovery I was able to reflect on my friendship with humans and my other canine friends. Here is what “Friendship” means to me as a poodle. 

 It is realizing that another person plays a big role in your life.  It means seeing their face brightens your day.

 It means appreciating their laugh and recognizing their sadness. 

Here is what I believe inspires and leads to friendship and inspires other to express friendship.

►Greet enthusiastically: I always give a warm welcome to my parents and excited tail-wagging, kisses, and happy bark whether they have been gone for a few hours or just minutes!  It’s a great feeling for them and for me to have been missed and so we welcomed each other home. I love it because my “pack” is all together again.

You know that our human friends also appreciate a warm greeting so they know we’re glad to see them again. It’s an easy and loving way to show others that they’re an important presence in our life.  After a friendly greeting, be sure to “check–in” with your friend and inquire about their family, school, work or something they’ve done recently for fun.

►Have fun together:  I am playful and love to have fun along with my canine friends, as well as the human ones. Whether it is chasing a ball, running, or playing “chop suey” with my dad, like all dogs we never get bored of playing. “Sharing toys” with my friends or trying new activities are also good ways to get the fun started.

Having fun together is a great foundation for friendship between people too. Finding people who like to play the same games or do the same activities that you do can be great ways to make new friends.  Take a friend to a game or movie or even shopping…it is all about spending quality time together.

►Be a good listener:  Did you know that many of our human owners talk to us and even confide in us (dogs). Studies show that dogs are listening and do

pay close attention to what humans say.  My mom can tell me anything. It’s safe to say that I am not going to spill her secrets.  While I may not understand a word she am saying, I know that she will feel better when she can express her feelings to me and will smile when I give her a kiss.

The same is true for human friends. Everyone likes to have a friend who they can trust with feelings or secrets, someone who listens without interrupting.  Most people really value a friend who is an empathetic listener!

►Get out there:  Dogs are always up for an adventure like a walk or a car trip as they love to be out in the world. Just say “wanna go bye bye” to me and I am off to the races with excitement.  I will even beat you to the car!

Even ordinary outings are a chance to meet new dogs and/or people. What a great lesson for us all: embrace the opportunity to go places, meet others, and appreciate the little things in life!  Let your dog be your wingman!  It is as simple as going for a walk.

► Live up to your dog’s high expectations of you. Our pets depend on us to take care of them. We feed, bathe, play with them, walk them, and clean up after them. We keep them healthy, care for them when they are sick and take them to the vet.  These unselfish acts create a lifelong bond between us with our pet. In return we get unconditional love day after day, and even when they are gone that love lives forever in our memory and hearts.

Good friends are reliable and strive to live up to their friends’ expectations, too! Like the golden rule says, treat your friends the way you want to be treated. Your friends will appreciate your good qualities, like you appreciate theirs.

Make a friend and be a good friend.  You never know when you will need one yourself.

Here is a picture of my best friends.  You may recognize my brother Charlie and our new friend is Mister Chin Lee.  Isn’t he cute!